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Ethical Code

The Finnish Shar-Pei Club recommends its members and other dog owners to commit to the following guidelines.


A dog owner's ethical code

I am a member of the Finnish Shar-Pei Club. I wish to protect the breed and to advance its well-being.

I am committed to the dogs I have acquired, whether loved companion dogs and pets, show, obedience, or service dogs, or dogs which I have rescued.

I will see to my dog's physical and behavioral needs according to the requirements of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. My dog is entitled to nutritious, high quality food and clean water. It is to have a habitat of sufficient space, shelter, light, cleanliness, and safety. I will offer my Shar-Pei enough exercise. When ill, my dog will receive proper veterinarian care. I will take all necessary actions to ensure my dog's health.

My Shar-Pei will receive much needed social interaction with family members and others people, as well as other animals and, if possible, especially other dogs. I will offer my dog activity and playtime in order to keep it alert.

I am responsible for my dog's training. I will train my dog properly to keep its family life and social life frictionless. I will not abuse my Shar-Pei, cause it intentional harm or pain, nor will I incite it to fight other animals.

I will deal honestly with those from whom I purchase the dog. The Finnish Kennel Club reminds not to base the acquisition of a dog on a whim or pity. A puppy should be bought from a trustworthy and well-reputed breeder who can be visited in order to meet the puppy and its mother.

As a responsible buyer, I will check the puppy's background before the decision. A contract, which can be received from the Finnish Kennel Club, will be signed with the breeder on the dog's purchase. The contract states the breeder's obligations, such as registering the dog.

I will be polite to my showmates both in the ring and outside. I will not intentionally cause disturbance or harm to others in a show. I can be a good loser and a fair competitor. I will be helpful to any dog show newcomers, remembering how much it mattered to me when I was a beginner.

I will do my best to be worthy of the trust and respect of other Shar-Pei enthusiasts, and will also respect others.

I will be aware that my behavior and that of my dogs echo around me and affect people's conception of the breed and those who have taken it up.

I will abide by the Club's rules, dog etiquette, and good manners.


A dog breeder's ethical code

I am aware that as a breeder and an exhibitor I have responsibility over the Shar-Pei's future. I will endeavor to maintain a high level of professional and personal conduct, and commit to breeding only for the breed's betterment.

To achieve this goal, I shall adhere to the following.

1. I will not have a bitch mounted below the age of 18 months or over the age of eight years. I will ensure that the bitch does not pass down any known hereditary illnesses or faults.

2. I will use dogs over the age of one year for mounting. I will ensure that the dog does not pass down any known hereditary illnesses or faults.

3. I will not have my Shar-Pei mounted if the dog and the bitch are too closely related or if medical tests or scans indicate that the dogs should not be used for breeding. When planning mountings, I can rely on the help of the Club's Breeding Committee for ascertaining the compatibility of the bloodlines.

4. I will not relinquish a puppy until it has attained the seven weeks of age that is the Finnish Kennel Club's recommendation.

5. I will sell or place a dog by a written contract, preferably by the Finnish Kennel Club's official contract. I will ensure that all of the contract's sections are filled out according to the terms.

6. As a seller I will openly and honestly describe the breed, including its downsides and any health issues in the breed, without holding back information.

7. Should any of my breeding stock die before reaching nine years of age and there being reason to suspect Amyloidosis, I will have a suitable medical test done (for instance, a Congo red stain) in order to establish possible Amyloidosis. I will also honestly pass on the information to those who seek it.

8. I will not wittingly sell dogs to breeders or persons whose intentions of resale are known or presumable. I will not place or sell to "puppy factories".

9. If a dog owner is unable to keep a puppy he or she purchased from me, I will do my best to find it another home.

10. I will house my dogs in hygienic and secure conditions that meet the requirements of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, with special regards to the dogs' health and well-being.

11. I will see to vaccinations.

12. I will keep track of registrations, mountings, litters, and puppy buyers.
13. I will abide by the Club's rules, dog etiquette, and good manners.